Welcome to the Final Arc of Ask-Bartender-Alfred!! :) I’d like to do something a little special to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished together - as a mun and followers - making this blog what it is today…!!

As such, here’s a giveaway for you guys!

Rules (I know you guys know how these things work by now~):

  •  If you would like to participate, please like or reblog this post!
  • It would be nice if you followed this blog too, but it’s not a must - though, if you were following the blog before this post, I’ll throw in something extra if you win!! :D
  • Winners will be picked on November 30th
  • There’s a bunch of random stuff to win, which means there will be four winners that will be picked by random number generator
  • Winners will be notified by ask box so make sure you keep yours open!! Winners also have 24 hours to respond before another winner is regenerated instead
  • You must be willing to send me your mailing address so I can mail you your prize!
  • Regarding the manga that can be won from the first prize, photo ID of some kind will be needed, otherwise, I’ll change that part of the prize to something else ~

What can be won:

… See? Lots of random thingssss, as pictured above… But if you cannot properly see something, lemme know and I’ll send you a higher resolution photo :)

Specifically, what each prize entails:

First Prize:


  • One alpaca of your choice
  • One non-Hetalia bookmark of your choice
  • One Hetalia bookmark of your choice
  • One USUK doujinshi of your choice
  • One Hetalia keychain of your choice
  • One Hetalia couple keychain of your choice
  • Two random buttons
  • Two random postcards
  • A yaoi manga (it is rated R-18, so for this, I’d need to see some sort of ID that you can have this so I don’t go… to jail, I guess, for giving porn (?) to minors - otherwise, I’ll just give you something else in place of this :3)
  • One anime coaster of your choice

Second Prize:


  • One alpaca 
  • One non-Hetalia bookmark of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • One Hetalia bookmark of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • One USUK doujinshi
  • One random Hetalia keychain 
  • One Hetalia couple keychain of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • Two random buttons
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First place has chosen)

Third Prize:


  • One random non-Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia keychain 
  • One random Hetalia couple keychain 
  • One random button
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First and Second place have chosen)

Fourth Prize:


  • One random Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia couple keychain 
  • One random button
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First, Second and Third place have chosen)

So as you can see, there’s a lot of choice, which means that I’ll be very specific in asking what you want, should you win.

In any case, please enjoy the final arc and good luck to all participants! :D




so what I’ve giving away

Mug’s (That are all Canadian themed, the red one there is the Canadian anthem, the one with the moutain has a fisher man and a moose on it) A SUPER soft moose plush a Canada dog tag with the chain! And SOME CANADIAN CANDIES! 

So the rules are.

You MUST be following me 
Like’s and reblogs count you can do it many time’s (don’t spam your follower’s though!)
Do not erase the content i have here.
Please do not be a give away blog. 
You must be comfortable about giving me you’re address (if you win)
I guess that’s it!

There will be Two- Three winner’s Depending on how this goes’s

First winner: a Mug of their choice The Plush, Canadian candies (two candies)  (smarties, and coffee crisps. unless you cannot eat chocolate then I’ll send some hard candies) And the dog tags.

Second winner: A mug of their choice and candies (two candies)

Third winner: just candies. (three) 

The give away will be over at the end of November. So I can send this stuff before Christmas! 

Anonymous asked:

For the admin: 1,8 &17 please!

((1: Selfie?

8: 5 blogs you recommend to your followers?
They’re all fantastic. They portray their characters perfectly.

17: You get three wishes. What do you wish for? (And more wishes don’t count.)
Cosplay, school to end, and to be able to go to some other cons.))


YOOOOOO Who's Ready For Munday

  • 1: Selfie?
  • 2: Real name?
  • 3: Nickname?
  • 4: Favorite movie?
  • 5: Sexuality?
  • 6: Favorite book?
  • 7: 3 fears?
  • 8: 5 blogs you recommend to your followers?
  • 9: Screenshot your follower count
  • 10: Favorite video game?
  • 11: Favorite Pokemon?
  • 12: Do you have a Pokesona? If so, what is it?
  • 13: What medium do you use for your art?
  • 14: How many blogs do you follow?
  • 15: Dream career?
  • 16: Favorite sport?
  • 17: You get three wishes. What do you wish for? (And more wishes don't count.)
  • 18: 5th Gif in your Pictures folder?
  • 19: Most notes you ever got on a post?
  • 20: Tumblr crushes?
  • 21: What's your favorite part about your character?
  • 22: What's your ideal dinner?
  • 23: Favorite genre of music?
  • 24: Three people on Tumblr you wish you could meet IRL?
  • 25: Any pets? If not, what pet do you want?
  • 26: Favorite drink?
  • 27: Random fact?
  • 28: Biggest turn ons?
  • 29: Biggest turn offs?
  • 30: A ship you have involving another mun's character?
  • 31: If you could live in any country, where would you choose?
  • 32: Favorite animal?
  • 33: Relationship status?
  • 34: Star sign?
  • 35: What's the last dream you remember?
  • 36: Your typical breakfast?
  • 37: Are you scared of spiders?
  • 38: Most used phrase?
  • 39: Ever drank alcohol?
  • 40: Favorite Pokemon generation?
  • 41: Birthday?
  • 42: Nationality?
  • 43: Favorite color?
  • 44: Ever lied to someone without them finding out?
  • 45: What game consoles do you own?
  • 46: Favorite game console?
  • 47: Happiest moment in your life?
  • 48: Do you find it easy to concentrate?
  • 49: What helps to motivate you?
  • 50: Any advice you would give your followers?